Environmental Documents (CEQA)

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is a California law that requires development projects to submit documentation of their potential environmental impact. In general, CEQA applies to any land use activity, but there are many details the City reviews in determining if a project falls under CEQA or not. The City first prepares an initial study, assessing whether a project may have significant environmental impacts. If the initial study determines there may be significant impacts, the City hires an outside consultant to prepare an Environmental Impact Report. If there are not significant impacts, the City prepares a Negative Declaration. If the project has significant environmental impacts that may be mitigated to a level of less than significant, then the City prepares a Mitigated Negative Declaration. Environmental Documents in circulation are open for public comment.

Projects Currently Under Review

  1. Pulte Homes - 1355 California Circle
  2. True Life Townhomes - 612 S Main Street
  3. 475-525 Sycamore Drive
  4. Milpitas Utility Master Plans

Archived CEQA Documents

The directory provides access to recently archived CEQA documents. If you are unable to locate a project and/or document, please contact our office for assistance.

  1. Milpitas Metro Specific Plan
  2. 6th Cycle Housing Element Update
  3. Milpitas Climate Action Plan Update
  4. City Ventures Townhomes - 1752-1810 Houret Court
  5. Milpitas Trail, Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan
  6. The True Life Companies - 2001 Tarob Court
  7. Milpitas Park & Recreation Master Plan Update
  8. Tribute Hotel - 1851 McCarthy Boulevard
  9. Stratford School - 125 N Milpitas Boulevard
  10. New Multi-Family Affordable Housing Development - 308 Sango Court
  11. Milpitas General Plan
  12. 1724 Sunnyhills Court
  13. 1000 Gibraltar Drive
  14. Robson Homes - 1005 North Park Victoria Drive
  15. La Quinta Hotel - 1000 Jacklin Road
  16. Home 2 Suites - 1301 California Circle
  17. Element-Aloft Hotel - Northwest Corner of Alder Drive & Barber