Applications & Forms

The City of Milpitas wants to help make your proposal a success. Contact the Planning Division to speak with a planner before completing and submitting any of the forms below. Take advantage of our pre-application process to meet with City staff, review the requirements and verify your application needs.

Before starting your project, review the Milpitas Development Review Handbook (PDF) to better understand the City's Development Review process and your role in making sure this process goes smoothly.

Administrative Review

Administrative permits are reviewed by the Planning Staff in accordance with the Zoning Ordinance. Administrative permit applications are submitted at the Planning counter. These applications can often be reviewed on the same day but may require additional time to evaluate, depending on the scope and scale of the request.

Discretionary Review

Discretionary case applications are submitted at the Planning counter and require additional review time. Depending on the type of application, it may be reviewed by the Zoning Administrator, Planning Commission, or the City Council. There are times when an application requires review by more than one public hearing body.


Please note that you need to apply for a building permit with the Building Department after you receive this planning permit. Please also note that no changes to the exterior elevations should be made once your planning permit is approved without first consulting the Planning Department.