Data & Maps

The goal of the Planning Department is to establish, maintain, and enhance a fully functional and integrated enterprise geodatabase warehouse that supports Milpitas departments, outside data users, intergovernmental agency collaborations, and private organizations that require an authoritative base map of Milpitas.

Find your Property's Zoning

This interactive zoning map identifies the zoning district designations, as referenced in the Zoning Ordinance, of property within the City of Milpitas's incorporated area (City limits).


The MilpitasHub is the City's new public platform for exploring, visualizing, and downloading location-based Open Data. You can also analyze and combine Open Data layers using maps, as well as develop new web and mobile applications. Together, let's make our great city even better.

Milpitas Historical Site Inventory

The Milpitas Historical Site Inventory is a list of buildings, trees, etc., that are recognized as officially designated Cultural Resources in accordance with the criteria and procedures set forth in the Milpitas Municipal Code, Title XI, Chapter 4.

General Plan Viewer

See the General Plan Viewer

Santa Clara County Property Search - Real Property

The Assessor has developed an online tool to look up basic information, such as assessed value and assessor's parcel number (APN), for real property in Santa Clara County. Currently, you may research and print assessment information for individual parcels free of charge.

Earthquake Zones of Required Investigation

CGS hazard zones are intended to trigger site-specific geologic/geotechnical studies for new developments and reconstruction of existing structures for human occupancy, so hazards can be identified and mitigated prior to construction.