Private Development Projects

Processing Procedures for Public Improvement Plans, Maps and Agreements for Private Development Projects:

  1. Prior to submitting plans for review and permitting, the Applicant (Developer) shall arrange to open a City Private Job Account for payment of City Engineering plan review and permit processing fees. The Applicant shall ensure the Account maintains a positive balance until project completion and Account closeout. City plan review work will not commence until the PJ Account is established, and work will stop if the Account balance becomes negative. You can find details on how to establish an account, check your plans, and how to make a deposit on the Fees and Deposits page
  2. Design Engineer submits improvement plans for construction of proposed new public improvements and/or other work within City streets and rights-of-way. The improvement plans are submitted to the City's Land Development Engineer for review and permitting.
  3. All work in City streets, right-of-way, and upon City infrastructure shall be in conformance with the latest City Standard Details and Specifications, the link to City Standard Details is to the right of this page.
  4. The improvement plan submittal shall include reference materials including cost estimates for public improvements, engineering calculations, mix designs, material cut-sheets, proposed construction schedules, etc. as delineated on the Plan Check Submittal Requirements page. For more information, contact the Land Development Section Principal Engineer at phone: 408-586-3316.
  5. Engineering plan review turn-around times vary depending on Department workload and complexity of improvement plans submitted for review. The Design Engineer has the responsibility to coordinate with other public agencies for the review and approval of improvement plans.
  6. Encroachment Permits for work in City streets and rights-of-way are issued once improvement plans have been reviewed and approved by the Engineering Director/City Engineer and after Planning Commission Project Conditions of Approval and/or other requirements established for the project have been satisfied. Permits will not be issued unless the Private Job Account has sufficient funding for construction administration and inspection by the City's Public Works Inspector.
  7. Upon completion of construction, the Developer shall provide the Land Development Engineer with a set of Record Drawings (As-Builts) of new public improvements installed. The Record Drawings shall be provided in CADD and hardcopy meeting Engineering Department standards.
  8. In order to safeguard life, health, property and the public welfare, Engineered Plans and Specifications submitted to the City for an Encroachment Permit for work within City Streets and the Public Right-of-Way shall be completed by or under the direction of a licensed Professional Engineer and include the Engineers professional seal in accordance with the requirements of the California Business and Professional Code and the California Code of Regulations.
  9. Traffic Control Plans (TCP) shall be completed by a California licensed Traffic Engineer, Civil Engineer or other licensed Professional Engineer competent to design traffic control plans.