Solid Waste & Recycling

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Collective efforts to "Recycle Right" by Milpitas residents and businesses add up to a 70% disposal reduction of landfilled materials since 1991. The City of Milpitas must comply with the state's various solid waste and recycling legislation, such as:

SB 1383 is a new law that sets goals to divert organics (food scraps and yard trimmings) from the landfill and increase recycling.

Street Sweeping

To learn more about your neighborhood's street sweeping schedule, view the current City of Milpitas Street Sweeping Schedule and Fall Leaf Cleanup Areas (PDF) or call Milpitas Sanitation Customer Service. There's a handy service schedule by home address available on the Sweeper Sections and Days by Address page.

For More Information

Residents and Business Representatives, please contact Milpitas Sanitation Customer Service with all of your recycling and garbage service questions. If you have any further questions, please contact City of Milpitas Public Works staff.

For detailed information about volume-based garbage rates, recycling and other solid waste services, please visit the Milpitas Sanitation website.

For more recycling information, including a search of where specific materials can be recycled, please visit the Recycle Stuff website.

Extra Bag Tags

Do you need a bag tag for your overage weekly garbage? Extra weekly garbage will be collected from residents who purchase additional bag tags and attach to your extra garbage bag placed at the curb. You can purchase bag tags for $4.07 through Milpitas Sanitation, at City Hall (cash only), or Milpitas Sports Center (cash only).

2023 Recycling & Garbage Collection Rates

Solid Waste, Recyclables, and Organic Materials collection and processing rates will increase 4.9% effective January 1, 2023. For more information about your account, please contact Milpitas Sanitation.

Bulky Item Pickup & Neighborhood Clean-Ups

Do you have large or bulky items that you can't dispose in your trash container? Several options are available to Milpitas residents to dispose of bulky items. For more information, visit our Large Item Pick-up and Cleanups page.

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