Engineering Division


On December 12th, 2023, City Council approved the consolidation of Engineering and Public Works Departments. This new department structure will streamline operations to better care for the City's infrastructure.

The Engineering Division provides resources to enhance and improve City infrastructure through the design, management, and construction of public improvements, including the administration of various public works programs in a safe coordinated, timely and cost-effective manner with responsive service to the entire community.


The Department provides professional engineering services for the completion of the City's manual Capital Improvement  Program (CIP), perform construction inspection services for both capital projects and private development construction impacting streets and the public right-of-way. Department staff provide review and plan check services for private development project drawings and maps to ensure compliance with adopted city standards, and they administer encroachment permits for construction work within the public right-of-way. Department staff participates in regional programs and coordinate with local agencies in the areas of flood control, urban runoff, and transportation. The Engineering Division has three functions: Design & Construction, Land Development, and Transportation &Traffic.

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