Bottles & Cans Recycling

Recycling aluminum, plastic, glass and bi-metal beverage containers benefits you, the economy and the environment. The next time you enjoy a cold beverage, take a closer look at the label. If you see a symbol that says "CA CASH REFUND" or "CA CRV," it means that the container is eligible to be recycled for cash. CRV stands for California Refund Value.

View the Easy Money Flyer (PDF) Opens in new windowWhat Do I Get?

  • $0.05 per container less than 24 ounces (aluminum, glass, plastic, or bimetal)
  • $0.10 per container 24 ounces or larger (aluminum, glass, plastic, or bimetal)

Starting January 1, 2024:

  • $0.25 per container for Wine and Distilled Spirits sold in boxes, bladders, and pouches
  • $0.25 per container for Wine and Distilled Spirit Coolers solid in boxes, bladders, and pouches

Where Does the Money Come From?

The CRV is added to the price of certain beverages when you buy it at the checkout stand. You get this back when you bring your CRV-eligible beverage containers to a certified recycling center. The CRV from containers placed in curbside or public recycling bins is claimed by the entity that collects them.

Keep It up!

Californians bought more than 23 billion carbonated and non-carbonated CRV-eligible drinks in 2015. More than 18.6 billion of those containers were recycled, saving natural resources, conserving energy, extending the life of our landfills and helping to reduce emissions of harmful greenhouse gases.


Cash in your CRV-eligible containers at a recycling center: Find a recycling center near you with CalRecycle's map.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, many California businesses have closed or operate at diminished capacity to protect the lives of their employees and the general public. CRV redemption opportunities continue to the extent retailers and recycling centers can operate in accordance with federal, state, and local physical distancing guidelines and safety requirements. CRV containers will retain their value during this crisis as redemption options increase with the state's phased reopening. Consumers should call ahead before bringing CRV containers for redemption.