Fees & Deposits

The following Fees and Deposits may or may not apply to your specific development, depending upon the type of application to the Planning, Building and Engineering Divisions, proximity of the property to existing street and utility improvements, or its possible inclusion in one of the local improvement districts in Milpitas. These deposits and fees are the most recent at the time of publication of this document and are subject to change. For guidance, contact the Engineering Division - Land Development Engineer via phone at 408-586-3316.

The foregoing fees and deposits relate directly or indirectly to the requirements of the Engineering Division. The Planning and Building Divisions, Finance Department and Fire Department also have various fee schedules which may or may not apply to your development and may be ascertained by contacting them. All fees and deposits administered by the Engineering Division must be paid prior to recordation of a final map or adoption (second reading) of a zone change or clearance for construction or prior to final inspection as appropriate.