Recycled Water

Reclaimed or recycled water is the process of converting wastewater into water that can be reused for other purposes. Reuse may include irrigation of gardens and agricultural fields or replenishing surface water and groundwater.

Recycled water can be used for both commercial and residential approved uses. If you are in the recycled water service area, it is highly recommended that you utilize recycled water.

Recycled Water Fixed Meter Charges

Charges effective on July 1, 2023.

5/8 inch$13.54
3/4 inch$13.54
1 inch$13.54
1 1/2 inches$13.54
2 inches$13.54
3 inches$13.54
4 inches$13.54
6 inches$13.54
8 inches$13.54
10 inches$13.54

Service Rates & Fees

100 Cubic Feet (HCF) = 748 Gallons; Rates effective on July 1, 2023. 

CategoryBimonthly Rate Charge (Dollars per HCF)Capital Surcharge
Industrial/Dual Plumbed/Construction Water$5.41N/A
City Accounts$5.41N/A
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