Water, Sewer, Storm Drain & Recycled Water


The Public Works Department provides for the operation, maintenance, and repair of the water, sewer, recycled water, and storm drain systems in addition to various water, sewer, and storm drain programs such as water quality, water conservation, backflow prevention, and urban runoff pollution prevention.

The Public Works Utility Engineering Department will respond to questions regarding backflow prevention, fire flow and utility "will serve" letters.

For more information, contact:

  • The Public Works Department (maintenance), Phone: 408-586-2600
  • Public Works Utility Engineering, Phone: 408-586-3358
  • Public Works Department Utility Principal Civil Engineer, Phone: 408-586-3358

You can visit the Public Works Department page here. 

Recycled Water

The information and guidelines contained herein are to be used whenever applicable. In the event a development is to be constructed in stages, master utility plans are required prior to submittal of the first stage improvement plans. The master utility plans shall show all improvements, including interim (phased) and ultimate improvements. For information regarding these guidelines contact the Land Development Section of the Engineering Division, at 408-586-3329.

Recycled Water (non-potable water) (PDF)

Recycled Water Standard Sheets (PDF)

Master Plans / Management Plans