Protect Your Floodplain

Storm PointsHelp Stop Pollution at the Source - Storm Drains affects Our Water Quality as rainwater and urban pollution drain directly to our creeks and eventually to the San Francisco Bay. Here are some ways you can help keep our creeks clean: 

  • Call Household Hazardous Waste Program at 408-299-7300 to make an appointment to dispose hazardous waste such as batteries, motor and paints.
  • Sweep up leaves, dirt and waste near curbs and place in proper collection bins.
  • Pick up litter. Trash in the streets is trash in the creeks.
  • Keep pet waste away from street and storm drains.
  • To report cases of illegal dumping in channels, dial 911.
  • Our Channels and Storm Drain System are regularly maintained by the City and Santa Clara Valley Water District.
  • Dumping debris into storm drains creates problems for everyone. The Dumping of debris into the City's storm drainage channels is prohibited by Municipal Code.

Storm Drain