Traffic Control Plan Requirements

A City approved Traffic Control Plan (TCP) meeting the- latest requirements of the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (CA-MUTCD) is required prior to starting work in City streets.

See the California State Government website for more information.

  • A City of Milpitas Encroachment Permit is required for placement of Traffic Control Devices within City Streets and rights-of-way, including for street closures for parades, neighborhood block-parties, special events etc.
  • TCP shall be submitted to the City of Milpitas Land Development Principal Engineer for review and approval prior to the issuance of the Encroachment Permit.
  • TCP's shall be completed by a California licensed Traffic Engineer, Civil Engineer or other licensed Professional Engineer competent to design traffic control plans.
  • Engineering Encroachment Permits for work within City streets and rights-of-way will not be issued without an approved Traffic Control Plan.
  • TCP's for work in City streets shall match the intent of work shown on improvement plans submitted for City review and shall show all proposed traffic control devices to be placed in streets to control the flow of traffic including signage, traffic cones, barricades, electronic arrow boards, and be in conformance to CA-MUTCD.
  • Traffic detours plans shall be provided with TCP's whenever a street is proposed to be closed and detoured. Arterial and collector street traffic shall not be detoured to residential streets. Proposed street closure and street closure hours are subject to city approval.
  • Traffic lane width reductions to accommodate construction are permitted, however the minimum lane width shall be no less than 10-foot wide.
  • The date and times for the proposed traffic control shall be indicated. Note that City standard construction work hours for inspection services are 7 am to 5 pm, however, permitted lane closure restrictions due to traffic conditions may be more restrictive.
  • Pedestrian and bicyclist detours meeting the requirements of the CA-MUTCD and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) shall be provided when sidewalks, curb-ramps, and bike lanes are to be closed. These detours shall be indicated on the TCP and Detour plans.
  • The City may direct revisions to TCP and Detour plans any time for cause and/or convenience of City.
  • Contractor shall post "No Parking Signage" with signage available from City as required to safely complete work in the street and sidewalk 48-hours prior to starting work. Contractor shall notify the Inspector and the City's Emergency Communication Center 408-586-2400 of streets where signage has been posted.
  • Contractors shall notify the City's Senior Public Works Inspector daily prior to work in City Streets including placement of Traffic Control Devices. Phone: 408-586-3352.

For more information on the process and requirements for Traffic Control Plans, contact the City Transportation and Traffic Manager via phone at 408-586-3324, or the Land Development Principal Civil Engineer at 408-586-3316.