Public Works Inspections


  • The City of Milpitas Engineering Department, Public Works Inspectors review and inspect all work within City public streets, easements and the public right-of-way.
  • An Encroachment Permit from the Engineering Department is required for all work within a City street or right-of-way including placement of traffic control, and work in sidewalks, park strip, and driveway aprons.
  • All work in City streets, right-of-way, and upon City infrastructure shall be in conformance with the latest City Standard Details and Specifications.
  • A City Franchise Agreement and/or Encroachment Permit Agreement will be required for installation of Small Cell and Fiber Optic cable telecommunications equipment.
  • The Encroachment Permit Permittee shall contact the City's Public Works Inspector to arrange for a pre-construction meeting prior to starting work. Thereafter, the Permittee shall contact the Inspector daily when working within the street and public right-of-way.

Inspection Requests

You can submit an inspection request (preferred method) here. 

Inspection requests may also be made through the City's TrakkIt system or by calling this number: 408-586-2797. 
Note: the Trakkit system is also utilized to schedule Building Department inspections. Please verify you are requesting inspections based on the encroachment permit number.

For more information regarding Engineering Public Works Inspection for work in streets, Encroachment Permits, and private development projects, contact:

  • Senior Public Works Inspector, Phone: 408-586-3252
  • Land Development Principal Civil Engineer, Phone: 408-586-3316