Record Research


First-time users, please, read the Guidelines (PDF) and follow the instructions. This system will allow you to locate a permit by the address and print specific details of that permit. You can also directly access permit information in a system by providing the permit number of the project you are doing research for.


Record research can be done through ApplicationXtender (expand "BLDG1" on the dropdown menu on the left and click on "New Query") on the internet to access public records documents or in the City Hall by using either internal software to access digitized documents images or by reviewing microfilm images of older projects. You may also fill out a Records Research Request (PDF) form and a staff member will respond to your request within 10 days. Depending on the type of request, where the documents are located and the number of items to locate and process your request, the request may be completed within ten days, or we will notify you if additional time will be required to complete your request.

Copies of plans, calculations, and soil reports are copyrighted and may need additional time to request authorization/release from the registered professional engineer/architect of record. To request a duplicate of the official copy of the plans for a past project, you may fill out an Affidavit Requesting Duplication of Official Copy of Plans (PDF) form.