Building Safety & Housing


The Building Safety and Housing Department is dedicated to enhancing the community's safety, welfare, economic vitality, and quality of life by ensuring that buildings are reviewed, permitted, and inspected to be safe, sustainable, and resilient. Preserving the quality and beauty of neighborhoods through enforcement of City regulations and creating, increasing, and preserving affordable housing and supportive programs for the community are also at the forefront of efforts by the Department to promote the health and welfare of this vibrant and diverse City.


The Building Safety and Housing Department provides plan review, permitting, and inspection services to implement building safety codes and standards to safeguard public health and safety for the built environment. The Department provides code enforcement services to enhance neighborhood quality and general welfare. The Department also administers the Housing Authority and Community Development Block Grant programs and develops and implements policies and programs to create affordable housing, assist vulnerable residents, and enhance supportive services for the community.

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  1. Building Safety

    Physical Address
    455 E Calaveras Boulevard
    Milpitas, CA 95035



    Monday through Friday

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