Business Improvement District


A business improvement district (BID) is a geographically defined area where business or property owners collaborate to enhance and promote the economic vitality of the district. Districts are typically formed through a partnership between local government and stakeholders in the area.

The formation of a BID involves levying a special assessment or fee on businesses or properties located within the defined boundary area. These assessments are collected by the local government and pooled together to fund improvements and services beyond those already provided by the City that benefit the businesses or properties, and the overall community. Examples of services provided by districts include street cleaning, landscaping, security, marketing and promotion, event organization, business development, and advocacy on behalf of the district.  

The City of Milpitas is investing resources to improve the vitality and vibrancy of Main Street as part of the City Council’s commitment to Main Street Revitalization including securing consulting firms Civitas Advisors and Community Strong Strategies.


The primary goal of an improvement district is to create a more attractive, welcoming, and economically vibrant district by investing in physical improvements, marketing efforts, and programs that stimulate business activity and enhance the overall experience for visitors, residents, and workers in the area. Improvement districts play a crucial role in driving economic development, fostering a sense of community, and improving the quality of life in the district they serve. Read the BID frequently asked questions for details.


Phase 1

Civitas Advisors will assess the feasibility of establishing a BID via the following process:

  1. Stakeholder engagement and defining needs
  2. Site orientation and establishment of Study Area
  3. Prepare Feasibility and Assessment Report with findings and recommendations for City Council consideration

Phase 2

If stakeholders desire forming a BID and the feasibility and assessment report recommends creation of a BID, the following process will take place:

  1. Civitas Advisors prepare a District Management Plan for City review and consideration
  2. BID petition preparation, marketing and distribution
  3. State-mandated balloting process performed
  4. Final City Council determination


City staff and their consultants are in the process of engaging property and business owners to introduce this effort and understand their needs via stakeholder workshops.

City-Branded Sign Design Concept

Multi-color Concept Rendering of a Street Sign

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