Permit and Land Use Resources

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The Office of Economic Development is pleased you are considering to operate your business in Milpitas. We are happy to assist you in the process from site selection and permit assistance to move your project forward. we collaborate with our regulatory partners from the Planning, Building Safety and Fire Departments when evaluating projects. Contact the Office of Economic Development with questions before you sign a lease agreement to learn about land use requirements, restrictions and prohibitions.

Business Location Search Tool

Learn where your business can operate in Milpitas with the Symbium Build Business search tool. After inputting information about your business, Symbium generates a downloadable report with land use data, permit requirements and next steps. A user account is required to generate reports.

Interactive Zoning District Map

Search zoning information via address or Assessor's Parcel Number to obtain basic parcel information including zoning district, land use designation and more with this interactive zoning map.

Project Pipeline Map

Milpitas' Project Pipeline consists of development projects in various stages of development throughout the city. Check the entitlement and building permit status of development projects in Milpitas.

Land Use Applications and Forms

The City of Milpitas wants to help make your proposal a success. Contact a city planner before  completing and submitting any applications and forms. Meet with City staff during the pre-application process to review requirements and verify application needs.

Building Permits and Resources

View, download building applications, forms and related documents including commercial permits, design guidelines and more. Contact the Building Safety Department for assistance.

Business License

Applying for and receiving a business license issued by the Finance Department is the last step in the permit process for your business.

More Resources

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