Provide services and resources to businesses and developers to attract, retain and expand business and employment opportunities and economic diversification. 


The Economic Development Division strategizes, manages, and directs programs and activities such as business retention, expansion and attraction, workforce development, marketing and branding, and real estate and development.

Economic Development Strategy

The City of Milpitas Economic Development Strategy and Implementation Actions report (EDS) is a policy document that will guide the City’s economic development activities over the next five years. The EDS will serve as Milpitas’ road map to grow and diversify the City’s economy, support businesses and workers, and improve quality of life in the community. 

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  • Diversify the local economy by retaining and expanding existing businesses and attracting prospective businesses that increase tax revenues and generate quality job opportunities.
  • Recruit key businesses that fill retail gaps and provide sales tax revenues and needed services to the community.
  • Facilitate site selection assistance and permitting guidance from project inception to completion for commercial, industrial, office and mixed-use projects.
  • Develop and implement branding and marketing strategies to promote business attraction and development opportunities.
  • Develop educational, business assistance programs, and messaging to assist businesses with business management, permits, marketing, and access to capital.
  • Lead workforce development programs for skills development and job placement.