Rental Policies

  1. Cancellation Policy

Facility cancellation must be done in writing on forms provided by Recreation Services. Cancellation forms will be accepted in person only. Mail or phone cancellations will not be accepted. Photo identification is required for cancellations. Please note: All facility application cancellations will forfeit the $20 application fee.

  • Full refund of deposit will be granted, provided a cancellation is made within 91 days or more of the rental date.
  • If cancellation is made with more than 46 to 89 days prior to rental date, 50% of deposit will be forfeited.
  • If cancellation is made with 45 days or less prior to rental date, 100% of deposit will be forfeited.

Note: If there are extenuating circumstances that require a cancellation within 45 days of the rental date, a refund may be approved by Recreation Services Manager or authorized representative. Evidence of extenuating circumstances may be requested for verification purposes.

  1. Should the City cancel said reservation, a full refund of paid rental fees will be issued.
  2. Should a request for a change of rental date be made, a rescheduling fee of $100 will be charged provided the date and staff are available, and there are 30 days remaining prior to the original rental date. Changes requested 29 days or less prior to the rental date will require management approval. A new rental date cannot exceed 365 days from the original requested rental date.
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