Non-Profit Donation / Fee Waiver Program

On June 21, 2022 City Council approved a Donation and Fee Waiver/Reduction Policy Program. The City recognizes the value of partnership with other agencies and organizations in providing services that benefit the community and its residents. The City may provide a donation or grant a reduction and/or waiver of fees to intergovernmental agencies or non-profit organizations that provide Milpitas community benefit.

Program Rules & Eligibility

In order for an organization to be eligible for a donation or fee waiver/reduction, the following criteria have to be met:

The applying organization must be:

  • A non-profit organization as described by the Internal Revenue Section such as 501(c)(3) or an intergovernmental agency;
  • Non-discriminatory and non-political in nature

The event must:

  • Events must provide a community benefit within the City of Milpitas proper.
  • If the event requested for fee waiver is a fundraiser, the organization must demonstrate that at least 60% of fund raised will be of general benefit to the Milpitas community.
  • If the request for donation or fee waiver/reduction is for a community event, the event must be advertised, open to the public and no entrance fee shall be charged for the event.

Fee waivers/reductions only apply to services provided by the City during its regular course of business. Such fees may include rental fees for the City's facilities or equipment, building permit fees or fire permit fees. Any deposits and/or City staff overtime costs required due to the event cannot be waived.

The City Council may grant donation or fee waiver/reduction to each organization once annually, regardless of how many branches or affiliations it may have.

Donation & Fee Waiver / Reduction Amounts

The fee waiver/reduction amount is subject to $1,500 maximum per fiscal year.

The donation amount is subject to $500 maximum annually for each organization.

A fee waiver/reduction request cannot be combined with a donation request.

City Contribution Recognition

The City's contribution should be recognized in the event fliers and/or advertising with the following statement:

"This event made possible, in part, by the City of Milpitas."

Within 60 days after completion of the event in which a donation was received or a fee waiver/reduction was granted by the City, the organization will provide a written report to the Director of Recreation and Community Services to include at a minimum:

  • Number of participants
  • Copies of all publicity of the event
  • Any benefit to the community
  • Amount of funds raised
  • An accounting of how the proceeds of the event will be dispersed

Failure to abide by the rules and procedures as set forth in this document will result in the organization being denied for funding and/or fee waiver/reduction in the future.


Contact Us

If you have questions, please contact the Recreation and Community Services Staff at 408-586-3217.