Milpitas 2040 General Plan

The Milpitas 2040 General Plan, adopted on March 9, 2021, establishes goals, policies, and actions to guide the future growth and development of the city. The General Plan is a comprehensive, long-term policy document used by City leaders, City staff, developers, and community members in making decisions about the City's physical and social development.

General Plan 2040 (PDF)
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State law requires every city and County in California to prepare and maintain a General Plan. The General Plan is the overarching policy document that guides land use, housing, transportation, infrastructure, community design, and other policy decisions. The Milpitas 2040 General Plan is comprised of 12 elements (chapters) to address community-wide issues.

Key objectives addressed in the Milpitas 2040 General Plan include protecting and enhancing the unique character of the Milpitas community, promoting the efficient use of limited land resources, fostering strategic land use decisions, and facilitating the use of alternative transportation options, while promoting opportunities for economic development, high-quality local job growth, and fiscal sustainability. The General Plan applies to all lands in the incorporated area of the City, and State law requires that all development projects, specific plans, master plans, zoning, subdivisions, and other decisions must be consistent with the General Plan.

Given the long-term nature of the General Plan, the City will periodically evaluate the effectiveness of the document and the implementation status of its various policies and actions. The Milpitas 2040 General Plan includes a chapter that identifies each measure to be carried out by the General Plan, the timing of the measure, and the City Department responsible for implementation.