Water Service Rates & Fees

Potable Water Fixed Meter Charges

Rates effective July 1, 2023.

Water Meter SizeBimonthly Charge (Minimum Charge)
5/8 inch$35.87
3/4 inch$47.03
1 inch$69.34
1 1/2 inches$125.14
2 inches$192.10
3 inches$404.13
4 inches$716.60
6 inches$1,464.29
8 inches$3,138.22
10 inches$4,700.56

Fire Service Line Size Charges

Fire Service Line SizeBimonthly Charge (Minimum Charge)
2 inches$54.55
3 inches$102.29
4 inches$170.48
6 inches$340.95
8 inches$340.95
10 inches$340.95

Volumetric Charges

1 unit = 100 Cubic Feet (HCF) = 748 Gallons; Rates effective July 1, 2023.

Customer ClassBimonthly Service Rate (Dollars per HCF)Bimonthly Capital Surcharge (Dollars per HCF)
Commercial/Industrial/ Institutional/Construction Meter$7.17$1.14
Irrigation (Potable)$7.17$1.14
City Accounts (Potable)$7.17$1.14
Ed Levin Park$4.47 (See Notes)N/A
Recycled-Industrial/Dual Plumbed/Construction Water$5.41N/A
City Accounts (recycled)$5.41N/A


The County of Santa Clara rate is established by contract to be equivalent to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) wholesale rate.