Winter Storm Preparedness

The community is encouraged to take precautions and prepare for the upcoming storm season. View the following tips for helpful resources and tricks on how to be storm ready:

  • Clean gutters and catch basins of debris and leaves. Help keep our creeks and Bays clean by never dumping in the catch basin.
  • For property owners with natural creek beds on their property, clear creek beds of debris.
  • Build a storm kit: Keep needed emergency supplies in your home, at work, and in your car and discuss emergency plans with your family.
  • Build a sandbag wall to channel water to a drain or a gutter.
  • Have plywood, plastic sheeting, and other emergency building materials available in advance and keep handy for waterproofing.
  • Know your flood zone designation and your specific flood hazard. Obtain flood insurance if you are in a high-risk flood area. Homeowner insurance policies do not cover flood damage.
  • Plan in advance to assist your neighbors or have them help you.