Residential Tree Maintenance Responsibility

Landscape on "frontage" and side "frontage" of private property is subject to maintenance by property owner. Any tree branch that is under 2 inches in diameter may be trimmed by property owner.

The Street Tree Ordinance protects all city-owned trees - those trees growing within the public right-of-way. Trees growing in the public right-of-way (usually the area between the sidewalk and curb, and sometimes areas between the sidewalk and the home) cannot be planted, pruned, or removed without first securing a permit from the city.

Trees clean the air, beautify our community, are home to wildlife, provide shade, and offer many other benefits. That's why tree removal is regulated. A permit is needed to prune or remove a tree if the tree is: a heritage tree; a protected tree; and/or a street tree.

If you are unsure of the status of your tree, please Submit a Service Request.

Important Municipal Codes

X-2-5.04 - Maintenance of Unapproved Street Trees or Other Plantings

The City is not responsible for maintaining Unapproved Street Trees or Other Plantings in or adjacent to or overhanging any street. Maintenance of such Other Plantings shall be the responsibility of the property owner, provided, however, the City may prune, trim, or remove such Other Plantings if the property owner refuses to maintain the plantings him or herself.

X-2-6.01 - Responsibility for Other Plantings

Any person owning or occupying property adjacent to the public right-of-way shall be responsible for planting, maintenance and care of any plantings other than Approved Street Trees in those areas between the curb and right-of-way or easement. Maintenance of such areas shall include, but not limited to, weeding, pruning, spraying and watering.

X-2-6.02 - Regulations for Other Plantings

A property owner may plant various plantings, including, but not limited to, lawn, ivy, various perennials or annuals, and shrubs not to exceed two feet in height that will not interfere with the functioning of any curb, gutter, sidewalk, water meter, fire hydrant, or other public facility, and will not interfere with or impair the growth of any Approved Street Tree, and will not constitute a public nuisance as described in Section X-2-8.02 of this Chapter, in planting strips and easements.

X-6.02-1 Exception

No person shall plant or cause to be planted any planting in any area of the public street developed and landscaped as a public improvement and maintained by the City.