Telecommunications management builds, operates, monitors and maintains the infrastructure that allows City employees and the City's constituents to efficiently interact with each other at all times.

Complex networks that are engineered to high availability standards provide the backbone for all other information technology systems. They support voice, video, data and security access control communications over a variety of media suited for each application.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

Optic Fiber Cables

The City owns a vast underground network of over 23 miles of conduits and optic fiber cables. These cables interconnect almost all City facilities and enable local networks to link up with the City's main Data Center.

Microwave Radios

For some critical facilities in remote locations, the build-out of City-owned conduit and optic fiber cable infrastructure is cost-prohibitive. Instead, these sites use advanced high-capacity microwave radio links for connectivity to the main Data Center.

Local Area Network (LAN)

Switched Multi-Gigabit Network

All City facilities offer high-speed networking with power delivery at all locations. The network offers truly Unified Communications. This means that all digital communications required for telephones, computers, video broadcasts and security systems jointly utilize the same cabling infrastructure and network switches.

Wireless Network (Wi-Fi)

All occupied City facilities are equipped with high-speed wireless networking infrastructure. City employees, contractors, and business partners can securely connect to City resources and the Internet. Conference rooms and public meeting halls, such as City Council Chambers, also offer free public guest Wi-Fi access.

Service Providers

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

The City maintains highly reliable route-redundant connections to a major ISP. Internet services provide access to the world wide web, email, local and log-distance telephone services, and many other mission-critical functions.

Mobile Carrier Services

The City's mobile workforce obtains advanced connectivity options for modern smartphones, tablets and laptop computers through commercially available cellular providers. This includes full always-on connectivity to the Data Center for all Police and Fire vehicles.