Business Systems

Server Room

The Operations team supports every City department's business process by designing, implementing, operating, and supporting all business applications and systems.

These business applications and systems are made available using physical and virtual systems in our Data Centers. A growing number of applications leverage cloud operations by having service providers host systems and data for us, which are then made accessible via the Internet while maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture.

Public Safety

Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)

The largest and most complex of systems is CAD which is the primary system used by 911 Emergency dispatchers, police officers, and firefighters. This system is supported on multiple platforms used on mobile and portable devices in all public safety vehicles. Live integrations and connections with other local and state agencies are also critical for public safety systems.

Records Management System (RMS)

Another such system is the modern RMS for streamlined workflows and intuitive search to meet compliance, eliminate information silos, and provide a simple yet powerful report-writing experience.

Citywide Applications

Digital Presence & Communication Systems

The City's public website, IP-based phone system, and cloud-based communication services are the primary means of interaction with City staff and the public.

Centralized Data Storage

Vast amounts of data are created daily and must be stored securely, efficiently, and reliably. Dedicated storage systems in our Data Center ensure that access to data is always available.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Making sure that all data is frequently backed up using a secure and redundant manner to ensure that systems can be recovered in case of failures.

Security Systems

Utilizes necessary security solutions to protect all aspects of the City’s physical and digital assets.

Department-Specific Systems

Numerous business applications enable and support the day-to-day operations of all departments throughout the City. The most prominent systems are used in the Finance, Human Resources, Community Development, and Public Works departments.

Another critical system supported by the Operations team is the audio and video production and streaming systems for the City Council and Commission meetings.