Please report sewer spills, sewer overflows, or local flooding immediately by calling Public Works at 408-586-2600 (during business hours) or Milpitas Police Department Dispatch at 408-586-2400 or 911 (after normal business hours and on holidays).

Milpitas staff maintain the City's sanitary sewer system which carries wastewater away to the treatment plant, playing an important role in public health and disease prevention. Wastewater staff work to:

  • Inspect and monitor the condition of the sanitary sewer pipes
  • Clean sewer pipes to remove buildup
  • Repair and replace sewer pipes in poor condition
  • Respond to customers' sewer-related problems
  • Conduct educational outreach to plumbers and building contractors

Municipal Code Reference

Title VIII, Chapter 2, Article 13 of the City's Municipal Code provides that the user shall be responsible for clearing all stoppages and maintaining flow in the side sewer (consisting of the House Lateral and the House Sewer), in accordance with the following provisions:

  1. Stoppages or other maintenance and repairs required in the House Sewer shall be the responsibility of the User;
  2. The User shall be responsible for cleaning stoppages in the entire length of the House Lateral. If the stoppage cannot be removed by the User or plumber hired by the User, by rodding or other routine cleaning methods, the City will attempt to clear the stoppage through the street cleanout, (also known as property line cleanout) if one exists. If a street cleanout does not exist, the User shall be responsible for installing one. If the stoppage is found to be caused by grease, rags, or other foreign matter contributed by the User, or if in fact it is found that no stoppage exists, the User shall pay the City costs incurred. If more than one User is served by a single side sewer, the cost will be divided equally among the Users. If the stoppage is found to be caused by a broken pipe or other structural failure (of the House Lateral), necessary repairs will be made by the City at no charge to the User.

Sewer Technical Resources

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