Flag Raising Ceremonies

One of the special ways Milpitas celebrates our diversity is with flag raisings to honor different communities that are important within Milpitas. We invite community groups to partner with us to create meaningful ceremonies that reflect their heritage and culture with music, dance, spoken word, colorful decorations and special foods.

Procedures, Rules & Responsibilities

Learn more about the procedures, rules, and responsibilities of hosting or co-hosting a flag-raising ceremony (PDF).

Interested groups can apply online by completing our Flag Raising Ceremony Application.

2023 Flag Raising Events

Our Council-approved 2023 Flag Raising events include:

  • Black History Month
  • Cesar Chavez Day
  • Vietnamese Heritage Month
  • Asian Pacific American Month
  • Public Safety Day
  • Eritrea Independence Day
  • LGBTQ+ Pride Month
  • Philippines Independence Day
  • Juneteenth
  • India Independence Day
  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Filipino American History Month
  • Native American Heritage and Culture Month
  • Mexico Independence Day

For more information, email Community Engagement and Inclusion Administrator Tegan McLane or call 408-586-3212.

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