Street Sweeping Pilot


The pilot program began on March 1st, 2021 and uses new signage to make sure that vehicles are moved so that the streets can be properly cleaned. There were four residential neighborhoods in the pilot. Once the pilot ended in 2022, the City Council approved expanding the pilot into other neighborhoods.

Beginning in 2023, City Council approved of potential expansion of the Parking Prohibited Street Sweeping Program into new neighborhoods in Milpitas. To find out where the street sweeping areas are, please view the interactive map below. Residents in the new neighborhoods received a doorhanger and a post card with a QR code to a survey to provide feedback if they want the Parking Prohibited Street Sweeping Program in their neighborhood.  

How were the neighborhoods chosen?

The goal of the neighborhood selection was to get a good mix and representation of the different residential areas within the City. The neighborhoods were chosen based on several factors, including:

  • Composition of the neighborhood
  • Location to schools
  • Street size
  • Impacts to the City's trash load reduction plan
  • Input from Milpitas Sanitation, Inc. (MSI)

What happened during the pilot and how do I continue to participate?Sample of No Parking for Street Sweeping Sign

This pilot was focused on improving the effectiveness of street cleaning by getting the street sweepers more access to the street and curb. Signs were installed to let you know when cars should be moved. Be sure to check signs for specific street schedules as different sides of the street will be swept on different streets.

You can continue to participate and help by moving your vehicle -- it's that easy! No parking anytime during sweeping times (10 am - 12 pm) during applicable days, even if the street sweeper has come through. Check your street sign for the applicable day.

Help us keep your neighborhood clean and litter free!