The Milpitas Police Department originated with the incorporation of the City of Milpitas on January 26, 1954.

  1. Chief Thomas Letcher 1954-1957

Chief Thomas Letcher PortraitThe City’s first Police Chief was Thomas Letcher. Letcher had just one full-time Sergeant under his command, while patrol duties were handled by Auxiliary Police Officers working on a part-time basis. Most had other full-time jobs, and worked as officers in Milpitas on their days off; these auxiliary officers were paid $1 an hour in the 1950s. Officers from that time recall that the patrol car in use was a 1955 Ford equipped with a “Police Package,” which included a stick shift and a siren that was activated manually by pulling on a wire. Many of these auxiliary officers, including future Chief James Murray, were Korean War era veterans, foreshadowing over a half century of ties between the Milpitas Police Department and the nation’s armed forces.

  1. Chief James B. Murray 1957-1987
  1. Chief Frank Acosta 1987-1994
  1. Chief Charlie Lawson 1994-2005
  1. Chief Dennis Graham 2006-2012
  1. Chief Steve Pangelinan 2012-2018
  1. Chief Armando Corpuz 2018-2020