Alarm Permits


Effective January 1, 2022, all businesses and residences with a self-monitored, monitored by third party, or unmonitored security alarm system are required to obtain an alarm permit. Specific alarm system regulations are outlined in the City of Milpitas alarm ordinance. The alarm permit fee allows partial cost recovery so the Milpitas Police Department can continue to provide a full-service response to alarms. Your alarm registration provides vital information to the police department in the event of an alarm activation at your residence or business.


Download an Alarm Permit Application (PDF) here.

You can submit your application in-person or by mail to the cashier's window at City Hall or to the Milpitas Police Department lobby during open hours. Note: Both City Hall and the Police Department lobby are closed on weekends and holidays.

  • Address is to City Hall:

    Milpitas City Hall
    Attn: Finance Department - Cashier
    455 E Calaveras Boulevard
    Milpitas, California 95035
  • Address to the Milpitas Police Department:

    1275 N Milpitas Boulevard
    Milpitas, California 95035

Please include payment with your application. Please make checks payable to: "City of Milpitas".

Forms of payment accepted in-person are cash, check, and credit card.


  • $44 for new permit application; permit is valid through the end of the calendar year (permits expire December 31st).
  • $22 for permit renewal; renewed permit is valid through the end of the calendar year (renewed permits expire December 31st).
  • Alarm permits are not transferable in name, ownership, or location. If you move and activate a new alarm system, you must apply for a new permit.

How to Renew Your Alarm Permit

Prior to the alarm permit expiration date, you will receive an alarm permit renewal notice at the billing address associated with the alarm permit. You may then submit your renewal notice and payment to City Hall or to the Milpitas Police Department by mail or in-person.

How to Update Alarm Permit Information

To update your alarm permit information such as change of emergency contacts, please fill out the Alarm Permit Application form with new information and check the "Change of Information Only" box at the top of the form. Change forms should be submitted by mail or in-person to the cashier's window at City Hall at 455 E Calaveras Boulevard.

Note: Alarm permits are not transferable in name, ownership, or location; if you move and activate a new alarm system, you must apply for a new alarm permit for the new address. However, if you do not move but you do change alarm companies, you do not have to apply for a new permit, but an update of information is required.


Effective January 1, 2022, the City of Milpitas requires an alarm permit for residential and commercial security alarms. Milpitas Municipal Code V-213-12.05, Resolution 6449 regulates false alarms and associated fees. To avoid costly fees, please make sure your alarm is in good working order, your alarm company has your current contact information and that everyone in your household or business is aware of how to operate the system.

False Alarm Response (per calendar year)
Permitted Alarm
Unpermitted Alarm
First occurrence
Second occurrence
Third occurrence
Fourth occurrence
Fifth or more occurrence

**Fee Schedule as of July 1, 2023**

If you receive a false alarm bill, payments can be paid at the cashier's window at City Hall located at 455 E Calaveras Boulevard, Milpitas, CA 95035.


For questions or concerns, email the Alarm Permit contact here.