Neighborhood Watch

The Police Department offers a wide variety of services beyond responding to calls for service. The Milpitas Neighborhood Watch Program joins the Milpitas Police Department and neighborhood residents in an effort to combat crime. 

You cannot expect to have a police officer on your street 24 hours a day, but through a neighborhood watch program you can regain some control of your neighborhood. With the help of fellow neighbors and the police department, you can organize this program in your own neighborhood. It has happened in other neighborhoods and it can happen in yours!

Through this program you can:

  • Deterring crime in neighborhoods
  • Learn how you can protect yourself, your property, and safeguard your valuables
  • Learn how to 'harden' your house against residential burglary
  • Learn how to establish a block map and phone tree
  • Get to know your neighbors

A police officer will provide information on what is suspicious activity, when to dial 911, and what happens when you do. An officer will also teach you many other crime prevention tips.

The Neighborhood Watch Program is monitored by the Police Community Relations Unit and regular meetings can be held in your neighborhood to discuss issues on home security, recognizing and reporting suspicious activity, personal safety, and problems specific to your own neighborhood.

To start a Neighborhood Watch Program in your neighborhood or to schedule an update meeting, call us at 408-586-2400.