Emergency Alert & Warning System

Right Information, Right Time, Right Decision

The City uses AlertSCC.org to notify Milpitas residents of an impending emergency, live incidents that may affect your safety, and emergency instructions before or following a disaster. In order to receive these emergency alerts YOU MUST REGISTER YOUR PHONE NUMBER with AlertSCC.org. This is the local emergency alert system, separate from the Federal Emergency Alert System.

Your information will not be shared or sold to third parties. This is strictly for the use of the Milpitas Dispatch Operators, the County Dispatch Operators and the Milpitas Office of Emergency Management.

Please register your phone number for BOTH phone calls and text messages! Why is this important? 

Phone Calls: Emergency Alerts may go out in the middle of the night and you may not hear a text message tone while you sleep.

Text Messages: We often receive phone calls that we do not recognize the number and therefore do not answer. Register for text message = get the alert!

Emergency alerting and quick response saves lives!

For more information contact the Milpitas Office of Emergency Management at 408-586-2801 or OEM@milpitas.gov