Go-bags are kits designed for mobility, in case of evacuation or quick escapes. Be sure to choose a bag size that is easy to carry and has your I.D. tag. Ideally, you should keep a personal emergency go-bag at your home, at your work, and in your car (because an emergency can happen anywhere, at any time of the day).

Each member of the family should have their own go-bag that is personalized for them.

What to Include in Your Go-Bag

To ensure your go-bag is good to go, include the following:

  • Bottled water and food
  • First aid kit and handbook
  • Daily prescription medications and copy of your prescriptions
  • Personal hygiene supplies (e.g. toothpaste, toilet paper, feminine products, etc.)
  • Whistle (to alert rescuers to your location)
  • Emergency cash in small denominations including coins for pay phones
  • List of emergency contact phone numbers, contact and meeting place information for your household, and a small regional map
  • Copy of your Family Emergency Plan (PDF)
  • Emergency lighting/flashlight
  • Change of clothes, comfortable/sturdy shoes, rain poncho, and a hat
  • Portable radio and batteries
  • Photos of family members and pets
  • Dust mask
  • Pen, paper, and masking tape
  • Local road map
  • Large garbage bags and paper towels
  • Copy of your health insurance card and your driver's license/identification card
  • Go-bags for children should also include a favorite toy, activity cards/books, and medical consent forms