Milpitas Fire Explorer Program

Program Overview

If you are between the ages of 16 and 18 years old, the City of Milpitas offers many programs, activities, and services for the community. Explorers are recruited to assist in various City programs to support and supplement existing resources. Volunteer opportunities exist in all City departments and divisions.

Areas of Focus

The Milpitas Fire Department utilizes Explorers in three areas:

  1. The Public Education section of the Bureau of Fire Prevention performs a variety of tasks aimed at furthering fire safety and prevention awareness.
  2. Fire Suppression Training section is responsible to ensure all employees are trained and certified in their respective job assignments.
  3. Office of Emergency Services is responsible to ensure City staff is trained in the State's "SEMS" procedures and, to respond in case of a disaster.

Contact Us

To become involved with the program or for more information, call 408-586-2800.