Plan Review

The Bureau of Fire Prevention provides in-house plan review services.


The Division enforces:

These codes are for the review of new construction and tenant improvements for:

  • Life-Safety Requirements.
  • Fire protection, detection, and alarm systems.
  • Assembly use occupancies.
  • High-piled storage conditions.
  • Title 19 occupancies and uses (licensed facilities, tents, assemblies.)
  • Photovoltaic uses.
  • Process installations using or removing hazardous materials.

Life-Safety Plan Review Process & Schedule

Fire Permits

Projects that require a fire department permit or approval are listed in California Fire Code Appendix Chapter 1 Section 105, as amended by Milpitas Municipal Code Title V, Chapter 300. To submit plans for review, complete a Milpitas Fire Department Project Transmittal Sheet (PDF) provide this along with verification of payment (made at the Cashiers window), prior to submitting 3 sets of plans at the Information Counter. (Plans are submitted and picked-up here). Plans are reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis. Our goal is to approve projects with the first submittal, because, denying a project makes the process longer for everyone.

The Fire Department Plan Check Schedule identifies project turnaround times (other than building permit applications). For questions on fees or the process call or visit us at City Hall.

Building Permits

Projects requiring a building permit should follow the Building Permit Process. One set of plans will be routed to the Fire department for the life-safety review. Under normal workload conditions, the life-safety review will generally meet the target date published in the Building and Safety Division Plan Check Turn Around time schedule except for outside plan check services.

Building and Safety Division Plan Check Turn Around Times (PDF) identifies turn around times for the building permit process. We can generally complete your review in accordance with the published schedule, except for outside plan check services (as allowed by the Building and Safety Division). This choice requires an Overtime Plan Check following the process outlined below.

Fire Department Required Inspections

‘Conditions’ of approval list requirements from the Fire Department, including necessary inspections. All requirements and inspections must be completed prior to receiving final approval (permit sign-off) from the Fire department. Schedule inspections by calling 408-586-3380. 

Services We Offer

Services we offer include:

This service will help to expedite your review if either agency’s Plan Check Schedule does not meet your needs. Charges are $347 per hour with a 3-hour minimum, and, are completed at staff’s availability. If you choose to expedite your review, you must inquire with the Fire Protection Engineer whether your request can be accommodated. We will not complete the review within your desired timeframe, if, prior approval is not first obtained.

We are located at Milpitas City Hall on the first floor near the elevators.