Public Utilities

If you are having problems with Gas and Electric Service, Water Service, Telephone Service, or Cable TV within the City of Milpitas, the contact information on this page may be of use.

Electric and Gas

Here is a list of phone numbers and links to homepages where you can find information on electric and gas power suppliers.

  • 24-hour information on electric outages - Phone: 800-743-5002
  • 24-hour emergency and customer service - Phone: 800-743-5000
  • TTD/TTY, Speech/Hearing-Impaired - Phone: 800-652-4712
  • Information in Spanish - Phone: 800-660-6789
  • Information in Chinese - Phone: 800-893-9555
  • Information in Vietnamese - Phone: 800-298-8438

Visit the PG&E website for more information.

California Public Utilities Commission

Utilities within the State of California are regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

If you have a specific problem, the following link can give you information on filing a complaint with the CPUC - Consumer Services Division.