Vendor Registration

Bid List Database

The City of Milpitas is currently transitioning bidding systems to provide vendors a more modernized, guided, and intuitive way to get involved in opportunities to do business with the City. Our goal is to make it easier for more businesses to have access to the competitive bidding process and help bring valuable innovations to our community.

All solicitation projects are posted through ProcureNow. If you are a vendor and would like to receive notifications on future bidding opportunities sign-up and click "subscribe" to begin receiving notices.

For help registering as a vendor and submitting proposals, refer to the ProcureNow Vendor Guides. You may also call ProcureNow support at 855-680-4747 or type your request in the support chat feature on the City's ProcureNow Bidding Portal.

Points to Remember

Please read all solicitation packages and online solicitation requirements and instructions carefully. Be sure you can comply with all of the requirements before you respond. If you have any questions, be sure to contact the individual responsible.

Be sure your offer arrives on time. All solicitation packages state the date and time the offer is to be presented to the City. Do not depend on the U.S. postal Service or a courier service for offers which cannot be submitted on time. Hand delivered is strongly recommended. The City does not accept late offers or bids.

Market your product or service wisely. Always contact the City before you spend money creating expensive demonstration, designs, layouts or presentations.

Pre-bid and pre-proposal meetings are held for larger, more complicated purchases. At these meetings the specifications are explained in detail with project managers and technical staff answers questions on any items in the solicitation.

Check Purchasing web page often to view the list of current open solicitations.

In accordance with the City's code of ethics, employees will not accept gifts or entertainment. Suppliers are requested to not make any such offers to employees.

Doing Business with the City of Milpitas

We appreciate your interest in selling to the City of Milpitas and hope our Purchasing Guide (PDF) will be beneficial. Our aim is to help your sales effort and to promote good business relationships with us. The above brochure outlines our purchasing policies and procedures.

All vendors doing business with the City of Milpitas are required to have a current and valid City of Milpitas business license. Please see the Business License Center's Apply page to apply for a new City Business License or renew an existing license that lapsed.

Public Works Registration for Contractors

California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (CUPCCAA) Contractors wishing to be notified of both informal and formal invitations for bid (IFB) Public Works projects are also encouraged to register through an online form.