Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Materials Environmental Services Unit


At the time of its creation in 1983, the Fire Department's Hazardous Materials Environmental Services Unit's primary responsibility was to enforce requirements of the Hazardous Materials Storage Ordinance and to provide training to the Fire Department's personnel on hazards associated with the chemicals throughout the City. Today, the Hazardous Materials and Environmental Services Unit provides comprehensive environmental regulatory compliance inspection service. The Unit's responsibilities include:

  • Plan review and permit issuance for new construction, tenant improvements, and installation and closure of hazardous material processes
  • Investigation for cause and origin of hazardous material releases
  • Processing of public information requests involving hazardous materials under the Freedom of Information Act
  • Review of Hazardous Material Management Plan (HMMP) and Hazardous Materials Inventory Statement (HMIS) submitted by the business community
  • Inspection and enforcement for compliance with the California Fire Code (with amendments contained in the Milpitas Municipal Code Title V-Chapter 100)

The Hazardous Materials and Environmental Services Unit is cost recovery for these aspects of the program providing service to the business community. Fees are based upon the actual time required for permit application review and inspections.

Unified Program

Effective July 1, 2018, the City of Milpitas Fire Department is no longer be responsible for implementing the State's Unified Program as a Participating Agency. The County Department of Environmental Health, Hazardous Materials Program remains the Certified Unified Program Agency and will assume responsibility for implementing all elements of the Unified Program.

The Unified Program consists of the following six programs:

  • Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP)
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST)
  • Aboveground Petroleum Storage Act (APSA)
  • Hazardous Waste Generator
  • Onsite Hazardous Waste Treatment (Tiered Permitting)
  • California Accidental Release Prevention (CalARP)

Report Hazardous Materials Emergencies

To report an emergency, ongoing dumping of hazardous materials, or an accident involving hazardous materials call 911.