Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition Reimbursement provides an excellent opportunity for employees who wish to improve their current skills. To receive reimbursement an employee must:

Step 1: Complete the Application fir Approval of Reimbursed Training Expenses

  • Obtain Supervisor Approval prior to training

Step 2: Submit proof/copy of your enrollment/tuition fees; course description and the completed application for to Human Resources

Step 3: Once your application has been approved by Human Resources you will be notified. Human Resources will hold the application until completion of the class. It is the employee's responsibility to request the application be returned upon completion of course.

Step 4: Submit proof of course (s) completion

  • Once you have received the Application for Approval of Reimburse Training Expenses sign the bottom section
  • Submit proof of course(s) completion and the completed application to Human Resources.

Step 5: If all documents are in order and all procedures follows, the application will be sent to Finance for payment processing.