Effective January 1, 2022

Senate Bill 1383 is a new state law that requires organic material be diverted away from landfills and surplus food be made available to food insecure communities.

Milpitas Municipal Code Chapter 200 - Solid Waste Management

enforces the Senate Bill 1383 regulations.

Why Divert Waste?

Organics like food scraps, yard trimmings, paper, and cardboard make up half of what Californians dump in landfills. Organic waste decomposing in landfills is a large source of methane emissions, a climate super pollutant much more potent than carbon dioxide (CO2).

By diverting organics from the landfill, you will help fight climate change by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Additionally, in Milpitas, food scraps and food-soiled paper are turned into an ingredient used in animal feed. This means more food for all!

Who is impacted?

How can you comply with the new law?

De Minimis Waiver

If you are a commercial business/multi-family generating only minimal amounts of waste, you may be eligible for the De Minimis Waiver to be in compliance.

Click here for more info.

What Counts as Organic?

Organic waste includes yard trimmings,
food scraps, paper, and cardboard.

  • What goes in the green yard trimmings cart/bin? Click here
    • Your Green Yard Trimmings Cart is for yard trimmings and clean wood only.
  • What goes in the food scraps compartment (residences) OR dedicated food scraps cart/bin (for businesses/multi-family complexes)? Click here
    • You can use a clear plastic bag to collect the food scraps before placing in the cart/bin.
    • Also remember to remove food from the packaging before disposing.
  • MSI collection trucks
    keep items separated.

  • MSI truck
  • Below are images of the MSI split recycling vehicle. Garbage/Food Scraps trucks do the same thing.
Milpitas Sanitation

Curious how they work?

Check out the video at www.milpitassanitation.com/foodscrapscollection

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

SB1383 Complaint Form



To submit an online complaint, click this online complaint form (also available in Chinese and Vietnamese).



You can print out and mail this complaint form (also available in Chinese and Vietnamese).

  • Mail to:
  • City of Milpitas - Public Works
  • ATTN: Solid Waste Program
  • RE: SB1383 Complaint
  • 455 E Calaveras Blvd
  • Milpitas, CA 95035

Additional Resources

  • Milpitas Sanitation, Inc. - The City of Milpitas franchised hauler
  • SCC Food Recovery - Santa Clara County's regional edible food recovery program for food-related businesses
  • CalRecycle - California's Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (SB1383 Regulations)
  • BayROC - Bay Area Recovery Outreach Coalition (Food waste prevention)