Public Comment Instructions


  • Members of the online audience may provide verbal comments live during the meeting. You must first register to join the Zoom meeting by providing your name and email address to the City via the link below. The City will then send you a special Zoom link that will allow you to join the virtual meeting and make comments. Your email address will not be disclosed.
  • Here are the links for the listed meetings:
  • When the meeting chair calls for public comments, registered meeting attendees who wish to speak must click on the “Raise Hand” icon. The meeting secretary will call upon speakers one at a time, so please listen carefully for your name to be called.
  • Those participating by mobile phone will need to dial “*9” to use the “Raise Hand” feature. When their name is called, they will need to dial “*6” to unmute their phone. Mobile phone numbers will be displayed in the live meeting.
  • All speakers will be allowed to speak for three minutes or less on any item at the discretion of the meeting chair. Each person shall be limited to one comment per agenda item and one comment for non-agenda items. No response is required from City officials or City staff on any item not on the agenda.
  • The online written comment form previously used for virtual meetings is no longer be available for public comment


For those wishing to listen to the meeting in Spanish or Vietnamese, they can join the meetings listed below.

Spanish – 1
 (669) 900-6833  Webinar ID: 910 5292 0996  Passcode: 109668

  • For public comments: The interpreter will ask the attendees wishing to provide public comments to use the “raise hand” (*9 to raise or lower hand, *6 to mute or unmute) feature.  The interpreter will call on the attendee to provide public comment then request to speak in the primary meeting.  The interpreter will then provide public comments in English.

Vietnamese – 1 (669) 900-6833  | Webinar ID: 917 7344 5692  | Passcode: 045136

  • Same process as the Spanish webinar.