Planning Initiatives

The City of Milpitas constructs various planning documents and guides in order to direct and articulate its vision for the future of Milpitas. These guides and policies are formulated by its professional and experienced planning team in the Planning Department with input from other municipal, regional, and state officials; nonprofits and local businesses; and community organizations and residents. These planning initiatives range from the all-encompassing Master Plan to development-based transportation studies. For more information, please see the contact information below.

Multi-Family and Non-Smoking Policy

The City of Milpitas received a grant from Santa Clara County to develop and implement a comprehensive no-smoking policy for all multi-unit housing. Please follow this link for more information and details on the grant.

Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Policy to Implement Senate Bill 743

The City of Milpitas needs to align with State Guidance and CIty Policy. Please follow this link for more information and details on Milpitas VMT.