Milpitas Metro Specific Plan

The Milpitas Metro Specific Plan (Metro Plan, MMSP, or the Plan) is an update to the Milpitas Transit Area Specific Plan (TASP), adopted in 2008. The Metro Plan increases the Plan Area from approximately 437 acres to approximately 510 gross acres and includes annexations on the east and west sides of the original Plan Area. The long-term focus of this work is to continue and accelerate the transformation of this area from industrial and auto-oriented to a vibrant, connected and fully developed transit oriented neighborhood.

If you have a comment or question about this project, please contact the staff project manager Kevin Riley.

Kevin Riley
Metro Plan Project Manager

Previous TASP Plan

In 2008, Milpitas developed a vision for a vibrant neighborhood in an area that was primarily low-industrial buildings surrounding what would later be the Milpitas BART station. Over the last 12 years, much of that vision has become a reality, including the newly opened BART station, new housing, parks, a grocery store, and other shops under development.