Planning Q&As

Q: What Zoning District is my property located in?

To find your property’s Zoning District, open the Zoning Map; find your property using major surrounding street names. Each Zoning District is assigned its own color, locate the color your property is shaded in the legend to see your Zoning District.

Q: What are the development standards (i.e. setbacks, height, etc.) for my property?

Development standards depend on Zoning District the property is located. There are brochures that list the standards for each Zoning District. Find your Zoning District using the Zoning Map; open the brochure for your Zoning District for a summary of the applicable standards.

Q: What are the development standards regarding the Hillside Combining District?

Review this memorandum to better understand the most frequently request Hillside Development Standards.

Q: What types of development or new businesses require Planning Commission and/or City Council approval?

All developments and new businesses require Planning review. Some types of businesses and development require discretionary review by the Planning Commission, Planning Subcommittee or City Council. Other developments or new businesses may be approved administratively by staff. For more information regarding the development, review check the provisions within the City’s Zoning Code for the appropriate “Zoning district”, “Special Uses (Section 13 )”, “General Provisions (Section 54)” and “Applications (Section 57)” sections. For new businesses, check the appropriate zoning district’s “Permitted and conditionally permitted uses” subsection for requirements.

Q: Do I need a permit to reface my sign?

Yes. Planning Division approval is required and a building permit may be required. Requirements for signs are located in Signs (Section 24).

Q: I would like to obtain a temporary banner for my business. What is the process?

You need to complete and submit a temporary promotional sign application to the Planning staff. You may only have four permits per calendar year. The first permit allows the display of the banner for 30 consecutive days, each subsequent permit allows the display of the banner for 15 consecutive days. The maximum size of the banner is 60 square feet. The banner needs to be flush mounted to the building wall.

Q: What is the parking requirement for my business?

The parking requirements differ depending on the type of use. Specific parking requirements are available in Section 53 of the Zoning Code. If your property is located within the Midtown Plan or Transit Area Specific Plan, your parking requirements may be different.

Q: What is a variance?

A variance is a permit issued to a specific location by an administrative agency (Planning Commission, or the City Council acting as an administrative agency) to deviate from development standards (e.g. parking, setbacks) set forth in the zoning regulations section 57. In order to be approved for a variance, the proposal must meet several State-mandated findings. Submit proposal and application to the Planning Division.

Q: What are the fees of the Planning Division?

Click here for a list of the current fees.

Q: What are the new projects in the City?

To view major project information click on Current Development Pipeline