Parks, Trees, & Landscape Maintenance: FAQs

Do I need a permit to prune or remove a tree on my property?

Heritage trees, Protected trees, and Street trees (which are often on private property) may not be pruned or removed by the property owner without the city’s written permission. If you have any question whether your tree is a street tree, heritage tree or other, please submit a service request.

How do I report a fallen tree or branch?

Does the City of Milpitas have a regular maintenance schedule?

City personnel perform routine maintenance street trees and park trees. Due to the magnitude of the inventory, the most critical and high priority work is scheduled first. We perform as much work as possible in the more efficient block pruning approach. A long-term maintenance schedule is not available at this time.

Who is responsible for watering new street trees?

The property owner is responsible for watering young street trees. The first two years are critical and the tree will need to be watered weekly from spring through fall.

I have an issue with roots from the street tree. Who is responsible?

The property owner is responsible for damage caused by tree roots and for mitigating root issues on private property. The city may repair damage caused by roots to public improvements such as sidewalk, curb and gutter.

When can a tree be removed?

Normally, a tree is removed only if it is dead, dying, structurally unsound, or creating a problem that cannot be resolved without causing great harm to the tree. Tree removal requests are processed on a case-by-case basis which includes a site inspection. The decision is made by the City Arborist.

If my street tree is removed, can I have the wood?

Leaving wood creates a liability on site. Crews chip all wood which is turned into mulch for reuse in the landscape.