The City has established and launched a Tenant Protection Task force comprised of local community representatives that include private, public and nonprofit sectors with members from the tenant and landlord/property owner communities.  The purpose of the task force is to bring community and landlord representatives together to discuss solutions to housing affordability directly related to tenant protection in Milpitas.

Agenda and Minutes
Tenant Representatives

Project Sentinel: Mark Thomasee, J.D., Tenant-Landlord Case Manager

Law Foundation of Silicon Valley:  Matthew Warren, Staff Attorney

Local tenant: Terri Naylor, Sunnyhills Resident

Silicon Valley Independent Living Center, Sheri Burns, Executive Director

Landlord Representatives

California Apartment Association – Tri-County: Anil Babbar, Vice President

Santa Clara Association of Realtors: Greg Haas

Property Manager: Killian Bryne, Vice President of Vasona Management

Landlord Representative: Helen Wang

The City will hold a series of meetings and invites all interested members of the public to attend and participate.  Each meeting will be attended by City staff and a professional meeting facilitator.  Public participation is welcomed. 

For more information, please contact:  Robert Musallam, Housing Authority Administrator