Planning Commission
 Agenda Attachments for February 24, 2016

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IV.   Approval of Minutes:

February 10, 2016

VIII. Consent Calendar
IX. Public Hearing
  IX-1 MAIN ST. MONTESSORI CUP AMENDMENT - 630 South Main Street - P-UA15-0009

A request for a Conditional Use Permit Amendment to allow for a 2,911 square foot expansion to an existing child care facility. This project is categorically exempt from further CEQA review pursuant to both Section 15301(e)(2) (Existing Facilities) and Section 15332 (in-Fill Development Projects) of the CEQA Guidelines.

    Attachment A - Resolution No. 16-006 Paperclip
    Attachment B - Project Plans Paperclip

Applicant: Collen Noll, Main Street Montessori School, Inc.

Staff Contact: Bhavani Potharaju, 408-586-3284,

Recommendation: Staff recommends that the Planning Commission Adopt Resolution No. 16-006 approving Conditional Use Permit Amendment No. UA15-0009, subject to the attached Conditions of Approval.

  IX-2 MILPITAS LANDMARK TOWERS – 600 Barber Lane – SD15-0001, EA15-0002, MT15-0003 & UP15-0007

A request to modify a previously-approved mixed-use project, at 277 feet in height (18 stories). The current project proposes a 279.5-foot-high project (22 stories), containing 50,000 square feet of commercial retail and office space and 450 residential units over a four level parking garage on a 3-acre parcel in a Very High Density Mixed Use (MXD3) Zoning District. An Addendum to the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) prepared for the previously-approved project, certified in November 2008, was prepared in October 2015, concluding that the current project would not result in any new impacts, nor increase the magnitude of previously-identified impacts; therefore, a supplemental or subsequent EIR is not required.

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    Attachment A1 - Exhibit 1 - CEQA Findings Paperclip
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    Attachment A2 - Resolution 16-007 Paperclip
    Attachment B - Project Plans Paperclip
    Attachment C - EIR Addendum Paperclip

Applicant: BDK Capital LLC

Staff Contact: Richard Patenaude 408-586-3277,

Recommendation: Staff recommends that the Planning Commission Adopt Resolution No. 16-005 recommending the City Council approve MT15-0003, UP15-0007, SD15-0001, and EA15-0002.