Agendas & Minutes RSRAC Agendas & Minutes



The Commission meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month except July, at 6:00 PM at the Committee Conference Room in City Hall, or a designated location.

City Council Liaison:

Evelyn Chua, Councilmember 

Staff Liaison:

Elaine Marshall, Deputy Public Works Director (408) 586-2603

Commission Members:

MemberOfficeTerm Expires
Jeffrey HoggResident10/1/2025
Christopher SalianResident10/1/2023
Jared AcostaInstitution: schools10/1/2023
Vikash VenkataramanaResident10/1/2024
Charles LingleVice-Chair, Resident10/1/2025
Felix MbugaChair, Resident10/1/2025
Carmelo CoronelAlternate No. 110/1/2025
Frank BushAlternate No. 210/1/2024
Tara Ambalathingal TonyStudent non-voting member