Item Number:Item DescriptionAttachment
VI.Approval of City Council Meeting Minutes - April 5, 2016
April 5, 2016 Meeting MinutesPaperclip
VII.Schedule of Meetings - Council Calendars - April and May 2016
April 2016 CalendarPaperclip
May 2016 CalendarPaperclip
1.Hold a Public Hearing and Approve the Community Development Block Grant Funding Allocations for FY 2016-17 and Adopt the One-Year Action PlanPaperclip
Staff Contact: : Hang Huynh, 408-586-3275
Item 1B - ApplicationsPaperclip
*3.Receive Report and Update on the Santa Clara Countywide Study on Minimum Wage IncreasePaperclip
Staff Contact: Tom Williams, 408-586-3050 and Edesa Bitbadal, 408-586-3052
*5.Receive 2015 Annual Housing Element Progress Report and 2015 Housing Successor Annual ReportPaperclip
Staff Contact: Tim Wong, 408-586-3286
*7.Adopt a Resolution Granting Initial Acceptance of and Reducing the Performance Bond for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Silicon Valley Berryessa Extension Project, Milpitas Station Surface Parking and Roadway, VTA Project No. C740Paperclip
Staff Contact: Steven Machida, 408-586-3355
*8.Authorize the City Manager Execute Amendment No. 4 to the Master Services Agreement with York Insurance Group, Inc. through June 30, 2018Paperclip
Staff Contact: Tina Murphy, 408-586-3086
*9.Approve Amendment No. 2 to the Contract with JP Graphics for Citywide Printing Services by Increasing the Contract by $45,000 for a Year One FY 2015-16 Contract Total Amount Not to Exceed $180,000Paperclip
Staff Contact: Chris Schroeder, 408-586-3161